5 thoughts on “Photo Matt Shares His Wisdom”

  1. WordPress is certainlly a better blog to use for those who don’t want to pay @ typepad. But to avail Akismet Anti-Spam services, one requires a API key which I believe is only available for blogs hosted on Worpress.com. OR Am I wrong? Please enlighten me on how to activate Akismet service without hosting on WP.com

  2. Convergence.In,

    Nope, you only need to register at WordPress.com to get the API key in the first place. After that, you can use it on any WordPress blog.


    Thanks. Enjoyed it.

  3. Who is Matt Mullenweg to decide what should and shouldn’t be listed in search results? Once you start making the decision on what to index or not you’ve lost it.

    Sure, searches may need to do a better job at not returning inappropriate results but as much info as possible needs to be indexed.

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