7 thoughts on “Play that Funky Music, Smart Phone”

  1. I’m not sure that an AppleTV user would want a slingbox as well, maybe I’m wrong.

    Another piece of interesting mobile software is The Filter, that can fill your phone with recommended music and then using The Filter software can create playlists on the move.

  2. I recently saw that Pocket Tunes, the leading software jukebox for the Palm OS, supposedly supports Rhapsody files.

    I have been using Pocket Tunes to stream online radio stations on my Treo as well as to play tracks stored on my SD card already. That works perfectly so I am thinking the Rhapsody support shouldn’t be hard for them.

    My question is why doesn’t the Real Player jukebox software that comes pre-installed on Treos come with Rhapsody support? If a third party can do it why can’t Real? It seems like they are missing a nice opportunity by not promoting Rhapsody + Treo’s music playing capabilities.

  3. I bought an Audiovox phone a couple of years ago and while the software leaves a lot to be desired, it’s awesome for using it as a portable music player. It is a battery hog, but it’s easy enough to keep charged up. The only real advantage to using Sling instead of mp3’s is that you could get all of your music collection instead of what you can stuff on a 2GB chip, but this seems like such a small benefit for the price. If you were going to buy a sling anyway, this is a nice feature, but I don’t think it would motivate me to spend a couple hundred on this sort of device, just to get streaming mp3’s to my phone.

  4. WM5 device + 2gb MiniSD card + bluetooth headphones = awesome. I don’t forsee me having a need to stream my existing music collection (>12k songs, 120gb) to my mobile device.

  5. Slingplayer for Symbian!? Nope…I must’ve missed that meeting. Unless you are: 1) in the UK and 2) using “3” on one of about 2 Nokia handsets, it is safe to say that there is absolutely NO Symbian SlingPlayer…still!!

    Boo hoo.

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