7 thoughts on “Playing live on Monday, Kyte.TV”

  1. By golly, this looks fantastic. What a great twist: Twitteresque indeed.

    Only issue is their Flash detection code seems a bit spotty for Safari on MacOS X. I’ve sent them an email, we’ll see where it leads. Could be because I’m using a WebKit nightly however, think they’ll support that? 😀

  2. If you like broadcasting your thoughts, also check out Commentist (www.commentist.com) — just launched this weekend!


  3. Comvu (www.comvu.com) has a similar online video product. It is very cool and lets you send live video from your mobile phone in real time to groups of friends on mobile phones or PCs.

  4. Steve

    The ZZZs were a good idea, except i have not been able to sleep much trying to think of the implications of Kyte.tv and all. anyway i hope you go some shut eye.

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