4 thoughts on “PlayStation 3, Now With DivX Support”

  1. I personally see gaming consoles as the trojan horse for IPTV .

    Ninrendo ,Microsoft and Sony are all trying non gaming intitives like news, Weather ,Internet Browsers and Voting channels

    Next _ Ad supported on demand TV????

  2. Bummer, the SONY DVD player I bought a year ago (DAVFX500) will not play DIVX and is not upgradeable AFAIK. This was one of the biggest reasons I almost went with a brand other than SONY. I’m glad SONY has decided to support the format, but I suddenly feel cheated. Hopefully this format inclusion decision will make it to all of their video disc playback products.

  3. I agree with Jose …the PS3 is in a big next gen battle instead of concentrating on making good games they work on irrelevant things ….Sony needs a slap in the face

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