19 thoughts on “pMachine is now Expression Engine”

  1. After looking at their web site tonight and the details of the new product, its fantastic for some web development projects I have. Both involve local newspapers that want to have a work flow process (among other things like very detailed category functions) and I have been trying to figure out a way to write this myself as none of the other tools I had looked at (including pMachine by the way) did not have many of the functions I wanted… this exceeds what I needed for these clients current needs and is far cheaper for the client then having something custom written! Very cool!

  2. Looks cool – I’ve set up a site using pmachine – and it was pretty easy. So, looks like I’ll be shelling out $99 for the upgrade!

  3. Rick, Chris and Nevins customer service is top notch. I have used pMachine for 4 months now and have been nothing but blown away. With EE, I am giddy to use it on a site.

  4. Expression Engine is an impeccable work of ingenuity~ I have been using pMachine Pro 2.3 for quite some time now, and I must admit that this is a great leap of progress. Much of the feature requests for pMachine are now functional in Expression Engine. And, this is just the beginning.

  5. My experience with pMachine Pro has been excellent so far. I’ve implemented two sites using Pro. My dad also uses it to run a DFL based newspaper. Perhaps even more impressive than their software is their hosting company, called pMachinehosting.com. I have both my sites with them and the setup was effortless. The tools to manage the sites and databases are great. Tech support is very good to both my dad and I.

    Nothing bad to say here. I look forward to evaluating Expression Engine.

  6. PMachine is great. I have set up a site, using the free version, on my local machine to put it through its paces, so to speak. I will probably try the EE demo as well. However, I do not mind paying for a software solution, and would love to use it for my vaious websites, but having to pay $199 for every site I maintain is way above my part time plugger business’s income level.

  7. pMachine hard to use and modify compared to MT? I don’t understand this…I have found pMachine to be much easier both for the user and admin. I can sprinkle pMachine tags anywhere in my site with very little fuss/muss. Trying to pull MT content into other pages is a pain (unless I’m missing something). Maybe for those that do *everything* within the blog MT is OK, but I prefer to do most of the content management by hand. I’ve got EE, and haven’t figured it out yet…seems a lot more complex than pMachine, but I haven’t had the time to dig too deeply yet.

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  10. Good interview. The first sentence struck me, though. Moveable type a gold mine? ProBlogger’s survey: What Blog Platform Do You Use Most?

    The results had a few surprises for me. While I was expecting a large showing for WordPress (around 37% of the 1000 respondents) I was intruiged by the large number of ProBlogger readers using the free hosted Blogger.com platform (22.2% – or 222 readers). This figure was almost triple the number of Movable Type Bloggers.

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