6 thoughts on “Podaddies, yet another video ad start”

  1. Their site says “Podaddies thinks of Video Aggregators as web sites like YouTube, Google Video, Blip.tv, MySpace and 100’s of others that host video for users”

    Ha ha…Who writes all this for them? Cool down boys! You gotta do something for that name first.

  2. oh man. these names. is it the lack of domain names or just general tech startup founder quirkiness that causes this? po’daddies? ookles? sounds like baby talk. what happened to the good old days, when tech companies and products had manly names, like ds6000 vxworks?

  3. I guess you are right by saying the name sounds too kiddish or cheesy. But, we have to see the connection between the development of these websites and the platforms that are being built today. These platforms are all built upon what end users are doing or what end users have to say.
    End users,as a mass, if you see, are non-techies.They can easily co-relate with words which are easy to speak or write. I guess, the word podaddies isn’t bad after all.Its user friendly. I wont be surprised if a name which is more preposterous comes tomorrow on our way to the web 2.0 doom.
    What do you have to say Mr. OM?

  4. finding an original domain name – especially when .com is pretty much the only domain suffix with kudos – is something of a nightmare.

    i mean, look at ours …

    the proliferation of video content oriented sites does rather bemuse me, however. after all the revolution the www promised (and to an extent has delivered) i can see many pc’s becoming nothing more than tv’s for delivering passive/reactive consumption content (of dubious quality in the main) – and so, ironically, minimal interaction.

  5. “Google (and Yahoo) are the only big winners when it comes to any form of digital advertising.”

    Ever heard of Doubleclick? Digital Impact? Or how about Razorfish? You should learn something about a market before you make public comments on it. Google’s success is (partially) on the long tail of text advertising, which is a small part of the overall market. Yahoo is a destination site/portal as is not in the advertising space. The sell advertising on their site.

    “Given that Google has cornered the market on sales people”

    That is the most proposterous statement I have seen in a long time.

    Also, is Google really a better name than Podaddies?

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