3 thoughts on “PowerPC, chip of choice for super super computers”

  1. Isn’t this supposed to be the “broadband blog,” what’s with all the focus on processors? Isn’t it about the interconnects, man. It looks like GigE has gained some ground in terms of deployments, at the notable expense of Myrinet.

  2. Hi, It’s Obvious Intel is a large factor in the Super Computer world,
    AMD who released the Athlon XP, which run very hot, push design limits to their end, and anyone who is in Electronics knows a device will deviate slightly from it’s original electrical characteristics when it is pushed, and in symmetrical multi-processing, deviations mean more obvious malfunctions.
    Intel has had a history of properly rating processors,
    and designing them to run at proper temperatures.
    And now that the Intel Itanium Architechture is getting a faster FSB, performance and throughput will improve.

    It is not at all surprising to me that intel is ahead of AMD here.

    And IBM has also been in this game a while,
    and is not only familiar with processor architechture but also very familiar with system architechture, (chipsets, devices and motherboards).

    The power processors have been refined by ‘people in the know’. And even completely revamped for the ’64bit’ realm.

    It is unfortunate there is not enough desktop base software for the power/G5 processors.

    It will be interesting to see what Jobs has in mind for the Intel chip in the Apple world.

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