8 thoughts on “Private equity buys big piece of Nextag”

  1. with a lucrative mortgage and other lead generation business being the rocket that is driving the company

    If Mortgage drives the business, how can it be compared to pure-play product comparison shopping businesses? Totally different value proposition.

  2. Hi Om and others,
    Please excuse my ignorance, why would someone want to take a company private?


  3. Anand, the reason you take a company private is if you are willing to trade growth for increased profit. Ever since the huge successes of Apple and Microsoft, public markets have become all about growth. This is how some tech stocks can be worth billions without ever generating a profit — it’s all about potential for future growth (stock value is theoretically net present value of all future earnings). If all you want to do is make money right now, you take the company private and no longer have to worry about meeting investor expectations (no more filing your financial statements with the SEC).

  4. Nextag is a wanna be C player…that has been driven by a founders leather belt on the backs of his employees and border-line legal activity for years…once the founder is gone, it dies fast. this is gonna be an ugly private equity story!!!!

  5. Nextag is a shady company. There known to remove negative reviews written by customers about companies. They dont advocate customers and side on companies they partner with. This information about NEXTAG has been coming out like crazy lately.

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