23 thoughts on “Programming alert… Where’s Om”

  1. Saw the article on you being a nominate as a HOT geek on PopSuger. Congrats! I would leave the country too to avoid mass attacks of females emailing ya! :p

  2. Hi Om,

    Avid fan of your blog.. have a good and refreshing trip in India. I want to meet you sometime.. since I am working on my startup too, would be interested in getting your thoughts.. but may be we can get together once you come back (gives me more time to prepare 🙂 ).

    Enjoy your trip..


  3. Hi Om,

    Where in India would you be travelling to? Do you have plans of visiting chennai when you are here? I am based out of Chennai and would like to meet you.


  4. HI Om
    Would be great to meet up if you’re in mumbai for a bit. I run a web/mobile apps startup in mumbai (right next to the airport).

    Cheers.. Amit

  5. Hi Om,

    Have a nice trip in India. We are working on video sharing idea and would like to meet you sometime.

    Enjoy your trip.


  6. As a regular reader of your blog I was surprised and somewhat excited to see that you used our promotional banner for our new release “Om Chilled”.

    Are you a fan of the label?

    Can we get a credit for the banner/release?


  7. John Cornett,

    first of all i am a big fan of om records, have eight of your compilations and some of the individual works of guys like mark farina.

    secondly, i forgot to add http:// and that is why the link to your site wasn’t working. i am sorry for not doing the photo courtesy. may bad. i was in a rush to get out of town.

    lastly, you just made me #2 om on the planet. as per google.

  8. Have a great time, Om!

    There is a lot of exciting stuff happening in India, and the growth/exuberance seems almost like what it was in 1999 in the valley 🙂 A lot of us are now wondering how sustainable this growth will be and whether a slowdown is around the corner… Hopefully, we will hear your take after the visit!

  9. Very interested to read the live commentaries about future of outsourcing with your personal touch…

    Thanks for your blog — Addictive reading.
    In the mornings, coffee is secondary thing, your blog is always the first one in my todo list 🙂

  10. Om,
    Me too a regular reader of ur blog; and incidentally am a resident of West Delhi too, where looks like you were too.(Google goes to the mall story).
    Have a couple of ideas for a gaming startup and looking for mentorship in approaching a VC / Seedfund.
    Would be great to meet/chat/talk/discuss
    whatever works and sound out some of these ideas with u.
    Mail me if this seems interesting enough.

    Vibhas K Dhingra

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