5 thoughts on “And what is Project Agape?”

  1. Hey, what do you think of this site? http://www.chatany.com
    This is a social network site too, and it has a lot of elements of myspace, youtube, flickr. But in my opinion, it’s position is not very clear. And, hmmm…. Actrually, I work for this site.
    So, Hope get some advice from you.

  2. Now this is something which is required all across the globe. Not only this would help in changing the face of politics but also would determine that new technologies used properly can clean the bad world of politics.

  3. This reminds me of an ethical consumerism social network called FiveLimes.com that has a social network as well as creates clusters based on geolocation as well.

    Really excited to see where agape and fivelimes goes as they build critical mass.

  4. Agape is greek for love. However, the many uses of the word agape today may or may not render it unsuitable for a typical web 2.0 service. Not least the christian/lutheran references. See Wikipedia.

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