One thought on “Proxy battle might be good for MCI?”

  1. Whats that old saying?

    Bulls make money,
    Bears make money,
    and pigs get slaughtered.

    For the record there was a merger deal announced this morning where the deal price was a buck or so below the current daily price. BFD. Its not what unusual.

    In the states a stock is considered “liquid” if its daily trading volume is >= 1% of the shares per day. So there is a very distinct different between pricing 1% of the shares on any given day versus a deal for 100%. Everybody is still spoiled by dotcon memories of insane premiums, which did indeed evaporate.

    I say bring on the Proxy battle, and lets see what the loudmouth shareholders have to say when it really counts. If they’re stupid enough to do business with Qwest and that deal blows up and fails to close, I’ll never stop laughing. (and you can bet your sweet ass these jokers will have exited early)

    Come to think of it, that may be the best thing for Verizon after all…

    PS. I sure hope Carlos Slim is not currently dumping shares on all this WSJ “chaos”. SEC, hello, sec…

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