2 thoughts on “PubSub CEO Leaves”

  1. Hey Om, what’s with the flamboyant shirts…? Please do not tell me you are confusing me with Marc Canter… I know we have the same hairstyle and all, but still…

    Important factoid: I haven’t been the CEO for several months now. Gus came on board in October as interim CEO and we’ve been quietly transitioning for quite a while.

    And for obvious reasons we can’t talk about what’s happening at the company. Yes, things are afoot, but isn’t that always the case at a small exciting company?


    p.s. Nice use of a good word… ‘afoot’ – love it.

  2. hey salim,

    it your predeliction for those wonderful thomas pink shirts.

    and no i cannot confuse you with marc canter… who is one of a kind.


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