6 thoughts on “PVR on a chip”

  1. I think that one’s worries about laptop storage capacity can be assuaged by those gargantuan portable hard disks.

    On the other hand, one’s worries about the broadcast flag and ATI being obliged to cripple its product are not so easily overcome…

  2. I agree.. that broadcast flag is more of a nightmare waiting to happen. I am surprised that it has not become a major issue so far. I hope there is a compromise down on the horizon.

  3. TiVo … should worry about is how quickly it has gone from being a stand alone device to becoming a tack-on feature in other purpose devices.

    This is exactly my sentiment wrt VoIP.

    I’ve been abit reluctant to explicitly articulate this position for various reasons, but I’ve been firmly convinced that the whole “Voice is just an application”, come to Jesus revelations of the current VoIP offerings, is nothing but what they call a “sleeping policeman” in Jamica. (ie. a speedbump, a footnote)

    Ah, here’s a radical idea, what if the Music Cartel formed a VoIP joint-venture. $20/mo throws off alot of cash, and most importantly lots of opportunities to continue screwing the artists. Hmmm.

  4. This ISN’T a PVR on a chip, just another integrated MPEG audio/video decoder. There are lots of these around…

    It doesn’t include the TV tuner, or any of the other pieces that make up a PVR…..

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