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  1. It is a simple act to found out if Qbit can do what they say. Ask them to do it. I have yet to see any one other then Qbit, confirm their claims. Can any one say that they have seen Qbit compress ether pictures or videos at a rate of 10 to 1 on average?

    If they have the technology then I’m sure they would be happy to show it off. However if they don’t have the technology then Qbit is yet another scam compression company.

    If that is so I feel for John Scully. I wonder if John Scully has seen the technology work? I mean isn’t his name on the line.

  2. Did any one see this one?


    John Scully’s Qbit has a Ceo named Dan Kilbank who says lossless compression is impossible. As far as I know Zip is lossless, LZW is lossless, Huffman encoding is lossless, Arithmetic encoding is lossless, and Jpeg2000 can run in lossless mode. The impossible happens a lot I guess.

    Does any one have a link to the test results from Telcordia that Dan Kilbank talks about? I wonder if this report confirms the 10 to 1 compression that Qbit has claimed to have had.


    Also he talks about compressing random data. I would love to see some numbers. If he could compress any kind of random data, then what would prevent him from compressing everything down into 1 bit? For more information on this look to this site.


  3. This is a question for any one who knows. Can Qbit compres an image or video at an average rate of 10 to 1?

    If so I will like to see it. I have some sample images I would love to test on the Qbit compression tool.

    Or does any one know where I can find some bench mark values? I would be happy seeing the results of compression from Qbit selected images.

    So if any one has any information on how I could test John Scully’s Qbit compression tool please post to this site.

    Also who is this Dan Kilbank guy? Never heard of him before. Why is John Scully stooping down to using someone as unknown as Dan Kilbank for such an important company?

  4. Stop wasting your time talking about John Scully’s Qbit.
    Most of QBit development staff has already quit or is quiting.
    Qbit has no super compression. It is all a made upstory by the company’s CEO Dan Kilbank.
    If you don’t believe, then ask them to prove it.

  5. John Scully’s and Dan Kilbank’s Qbit LLC is nothing but a dream and a lie, proof of this is that all of Qbit’s lead developers have quit, along with Qbit’s VP of development.

    There compress tool can not get 10 to 1, and is no better then industary average. All Qbit has is a story.

  6. To any one that has been following these postings on Qbit and their z-image.

    The link in the last posting was a link to bench marks that showed that the Qbit’s z-image was not only slow but only compressed 2 to 1.

    I used the word “was”. Because Qbit has removed these benchmarks. I guess they didn’t like the fact that their z-image sucks.

    The only question remains is will some one be dumb enough to give Qbit and John Scully money for the lie that is z-image?

  7. I know Dan Kilbank and he’s brilliantly full of shit. I saw this demoed for the first time 3 years ago and it reeked of “magic”. The next time I went to his office, approx July 2005, his entire group of developers was missing and there was just this entire floor of an office building with about 200 cubicals and only 5 people working there. I feel sorry for Sculley too because I know him and I know he truly believed in Kilbank. Kilbank belongs in prison – he’s no better than Ken Lay. Sculley got duped.

  8. Hi guys –

    they just offered me a job. Do you have any updates on them? Does anyone know anything?

    Thanks, b.

  9. Read the patent and see for yourself. If you are an expert on this, please comment about the patent. I think that they patent is simple and vague and meaningless. It talks about combining letters like A B A C A D E D into 3A B C 2D but it doesn’t give any explanation of how the order of the letters is kept intact. So, if this actually works you could easily get around this patent with a patent and process which accomplishs the same thing in just a slightly different way.


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