4 thoughts on “Seeking Bigger Footprint, Qik Adds Windows Mobile Support”

  1. To your point about interacting online there is a key differentiating feature that Qik has compared to it’s competitors. In fact, there are 3 differentiating features in Qik.

    Qik’s delivery of chat into the video capture window makes real-time, live interaction with one’s audience possible. The other companies providing live video don’t include that feature. It’s the difference between broadcasting and interacting.

    The second important difference with Qik is auto wi-fi discovery. With Flixwagon, one must set the device to the wi-fi network before starting the app. Qik’s device integration is superior. It will perform auto discovery and connection to a wi-fi network from inside the application.

    And finally, another example of the better device integration is the use of the camera’s zoom by Qik. At least one of the other clients you mention doesn’t provide zoom during video capture. Qik does.

    Porting clients to additional devices is important, and I would anticipate Qik providing an iPhone client sometime after the new device becomes available.

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