15 thoughts on “AST Co-founder's Venture to Bridge the PC-TV Gap”

  1. The Apple TV comes close to an elegant solution, but it’s too limited by access to content.

    That’s just the reason why we have been working on a solution based on AppleTV but making a lot more content available on it, and this using a web application that allows you to create your own channels. We will be releasing our product in the coming days.

  2. Don’t most laptops already have a built-in television output? I guess the real value in this “box” is the ability to remotely control your PC without having to get your lazy butt off the couch!

    Great idea, but it’s value is not eternal. I envision the day when WiMax will blanket the entire nation with high-speed wireless internet. ALL devices will transition to this IP backbone including telephones and televisions. No need for cables, satellites, fiber optic, etc. TV sets will once again be built with rabbit ears – but they’ll be little ones for picking up the WiMax signal.


  3. While Media Center PCs may be “kludgy,” I don’t see these media connectors replacing them anytime soon because they never seem to offer the complete set of features you’d have through a PC. Whether it’s due to DRM or trying to recreate functionality, they almost always seem to lack features that make them a deal-breaker.

    The PC may not look as elegant (though Vista’s media center looks pretty good and can get the job done), but they can do it all. Maybe people just need to learn about Logitech’s Harmony remote 🙂

  4. This sounds like a great idea. I got rid of my tv last year! But now I want to go back to TV cos the laptop screen kind of limits it. Reading about this device, I might hold off on moving back to TV.

  5. Isn’t this approach too narrow and a bit dated given how much momentum there is behind the STB/Femtocell approach?

    I am certain Qureshey brings a lot of execution muscle but so do the likes of Cisco and its Telco partners who have firmly committed to the STB model to solve multiple home devices problms (notably including telephony in their offerings).

  6. Guys the big thing – this is a chip company and they are working with others to get the technology out. nothing to stop cisco or telco partners from buying chips and building their own solutions.

  7. AST Research! The first stock I ever bought. I had to hold it for 2 years, thanks to the post Desert Storm recession, but I sold it for a 20% profit, early in my college days. If only my next purchase hadn’t been a healthcare tech co that was bought by HBOC . . !

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