3 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Boiler Plate NDAs and Non-competes”

  1. Well, I’m not a lawyer… but, if you don’t sign something with the new employer that gives the IP away, then you should be fine…}

  2. Typically, in my experience, your employer should provide a document that has you sign over future IP, but this document should allow for you to document completely what may be off-limits. In my case, I did this and added everything that I could possibly think of that I had already built or could build, or even thought was a cool idea, even if I had no plans in the near future of doing.}

  3. Both of these comments are right on. Your employer will only have rights to work you produce for the employer.
    This might get tricky if you are being hired to do something similar to your independent idea. It’s easy to see there how the employer could claim all rights.
    You should also exclude your ideas on the Inventions Agreement you will likely sign when you start work- though without specifics the exclusion will be less effective.
    At the end of it, if your new job will have you doing something close to your own ideas you may not be able to keep your ideas to yourself. Think carefully about whether you want to give that up before you take the job.}

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