4 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Joining A Board”

  1. Pros:
    1. If the board is good, it’s exposure to other mature business strategists, which can only make you a better founder.
    2. If it’s a complementary line of business, it’s good for your company.
    3. It’s going to let you exercise your business acumen by helping to steer something that you’re not personally invested in. This is good practice.

    1. Liability. Demand D&O insurance.
    2. Conflict of interest potential.
    3. A time suck on your one priority after family, your own startup. Be careful.}

  2. Oh, and I think your compensation is minimal. It should reimburse you for travel expenses and maybe some cash, but nothing substantive.}

  3. You should join the board of the company sounds great and if it goes public its great for you. You can put that on your bio on your website which will increase confidence and belief in your company etc.}

  4. startups are full time jobs. They even eat into ure family and personal time. Joining board of another company would be possible when the company has reached a certain level of maturity.

    In this case Erin seems to be working for a mid size established company and the board he wishes to join is also of an established company. As long as there are no conflict of interests it seems a great option.

    Compensation wise if you believe in the company and its management ( which now includes you) you should go after equity.}

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