2 thoughts on “Qwest Guns For MCI Again”

  1. I’m sure somebody at VZ is saying we don’t need this hassle, maybe we should’ve just bid on ATT, to which MCI is a distinct second.

    I say run up the price and then bail, leaving Qwest paying a very rich price. But MCIs board is not stupid, so they’ll not pay that game.

    Heck make it fun VZ, drop the MCI bid and go for ATT.

    Even if you lose, and if its true about the enterprise customers wanting to walk away from Qwest, just bow out and reap the customers for FREE.

    That would be classic.

  2. “This is a real win-win situation for MCI.”

    I agree, and I also am comforted to know that I do not subscribe to a big conglomerate voip company. I prefer the quality customer service from Sunrocket- the independants have the unique advantage of being more specialized within the voip industry.

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