6 thoughts on “Qwest Nacchio found guilty”

  1. Score one for the good guys. Now, when is somebody from Nortel going to jail? Their shenanigans cost investors (a lot of them Nortel’s own employees) tens of billions.

  2. Jesse,

    that would be score two – given that bernie is behind the bars already.

    On Nortel,

    I wonder if it was the crime of same magnitude or crime of stupidity

  3. Living under the umbrella of Qwest technology – the follow-on to US Worst – I shout “Bravo!”

    The state of New Mexico just won a case for a rebate to customers for the most recent years of theft by these klowns.

  4. Maybe so, but Naccio/Qwest were the one telco that demanded that the US Government get a court order for tapping lines and following call patterns. I wonder if any of this was payback. Insider trading can be gratuitous, or it can be accidental in many many many cases (I don’t know the details of this case).

  5. Om, I’m talking about the score from this at bat, not the whole inning. As to Nortel, stupidity is rarely a valid legal defense. [Insert Alberto Gonzales Joke Here] Of course, Nortel criminality is primarily an issue for the Canadian courts. For all their general smugness, they seem no more enlightened than us when it comes to major league white collar crime.

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