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  1. Green tech. But there’s lots of that coverage already. What’s missing is mapping and covering the supply chain.

    Example: Algae-to-biodiesel. Who are the players, what are the missing links from preventing wide-scale commercialization, how are those bottlenecks being attacked.

    Prefer covering something less slimy? Demand Response technology for the electric grid. Same issues.

    My 2 cents. Thanks for asking.

  2. You already cover quite a bit of gadget news especially mobile tech, it would be great if you can also touch Supply Chain, RFID, and LBS (Location Based Services). There are many new technolgies being developed in those areas…my 2cents and thanks for asking ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I would suggest two topics which I personally are much awaited ones.

    1. Open Source: Writing about Open Source projects and the happenings would surely be matter of interest.

    Like say : OpenGiga? Dedicated for open source community.

    2.Gadgets: Due to increase in the number of gadgets, why not have a special category for it. Have some special column like “Gadget of the day”. or even better GigaGadgets?

    Just two cents from my side. Hope you will like to add them.


  4. Hi Om

    You would be pleased to know that for the first time, India made it to the cover of BILLBOARD as part of an in-depth feature on the music industry there.

    Best wishes

  5. I would like to read what Steve’s suggesting. It would be awesome. And post more pics of the GigaOm staff and their adventures in SF. I want to know that the GigaOm staff is a bunch of hard reporting, hard drinking/smoking journalists, not fluff writers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Okay Nick, i think i can attest for the hard reporting, drinking etc part. rest of the team believes in clean living. they are from california.

  7. I am personally feeling the gaps in what we read/write etc everywhere – and hence the question – It will be reflected in some of the coverage in weeks to come.

  8. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the Giganetwork expand into Defense-related topics as they pertain to IT. It’s hard to wade through DefenseTech and topics of weapons platforms but future IT initiatives would be cool.

    Ooooh, and the occasional foray into healthcare.

  9. Hello Om,

    I wouldn’t like to see stories on biotech, nanotech or greentech here. I come for the electronics, because that is what most interests me as a reader. Also I worked in former days in a magazine which tried to do the splits between electronics and bio. It did not work well because both parts came too short.

    What GigaOM are definitely lacking is a more international focus. You are very concentrated on the US and often missing bleeding edge technologies from other parts of the world. I see it especially in the VoIP are, where GigaOM sometimes presents new technologies that make me say “but that’s no big deal”. I could do most of this already at home, using my Fritz!Box from the German company AVM. So GigaOM should maybe cover more European companies.

    I see for instance these stories from Germany I would have liked to read on GigaOM:

    1.) Siemens (from Munich) will present on CeBIT their new product HiPath MobileConnect, that let’s mobile phones do a seamless handover between Wifi telephony and GSM networks – and back, always choosing the cheapest way to connect, without interrupting the call.

    2.) Cellity (from Hamburg) tunnels mobile calls with exquisite voice quality trough fixed lines, bringing down the prices up to 90 per cent.

    3.) AVM’s new Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7270 (from Berlin ) is the dream device for VoIP: DECT phone for fixed line phone calls and VoIP, WLAN router, answering machine, USB host, DSL modem and music streamer in just one device. It also works with the new V-DSL for downloads speeds until 100 MBit and includes the new 802.11n standard for super fast Wifi. Any other American product seems more than oldfashioned against this! Also you have to keep in mind that people in Germany get these devices for free from their DSL providers. That’s the reason why there are already millions of VoIP users in Germany.

    4.) “Most of the Nokia phones will have Wifi soon. For instance in the N-Series Wifi is no exception but a general feature”, said Ari Virtanen, Vice President Convergence Products, Multimedia of Nokia two weeks ago in an interview with me. How will this affect the mobile network providers like Vodafone if their clients can now avoid their expensive networks with devices they get for 1 Euro? (Because also the Wifi phones are subsidized in Germany.)

    5.) How come that much of the technology of the new OpenMOKO dream device, an all open Linux phone, comes from a Linux / VoIP community project in Germany (Berlin)? What did they have to suffer until they found their device maker from Taiwan and GigaOM covered it two days ago?

    These are stories that are very interesting to me. And there is much more to cover, that maybe slips trough your fingers because it is not always announced in English press releases that arrive on your desk. If your want I could be helpful as a correspondent. Just click on my website for more information!

    Best regards,
    Markus Gรถbel

  10. Am working for a startup called Elina Networks. We make application gateways for SMEs. With our solution they can network, configure and manage all their branch/franchises sitting at one locations.

    We use lot of open source in our software, so actually would be quite interested in blogs about open source.

  11. Hi Om,
    I love discovering new things on GigaOM and WWD. One of the most interesting things I read on WWD was about the emergence of social collaborative tools and thier gaining importance in the corporate circles–patterns, relationship-enabled network effects, etc. Anything related that bridges the gap about how we interact offline and online would be a great insight.
    Looking forward to more great posts from the GigaOM team…

  12. Om
    If we could only get one or two more analysts who investigates and reports on what is really happening, away from Carrier and Vendor spin, in the world of Last Mile Wireless Networks.
    This is such a critical market segment today and there is so much Hype floating around that we need some type of Spin-control

    This to include:
    CellCo hype ref their Data networks throughput and latency issues. WHy are they delaying WiFi integration?

    Wireless Mesh Networks and the performance and cost effectiveness of 1 and 2 radio Mesh operating in a large metro markets and the hype around Ad Supported networks. This is a potential disaster waiting to happen to this incredibly exciting market.

    What is happening with the AWS spectrum ? WHo is developing radios for this space and will it be overshadowed by the planned 700Mhz spectrum auction in 2008.

    The closest anyone comes to this is Glenn Fleishman and Phil Cringley. We need more folks like them who are willing to challenge these Vendors/Carriers and Service Providers who are spinning their solutions.
    Someone needs to ask more hard questions.

    Service Provider in all the above spaces

  13. How about business oriented discussion along with Technology?

    Disruptive technologies like SaaS, SOA, Pay-as-you-Go pricing, subscription pricing, Long-tail effects etc.

    Its not the technology alone that emerged in mid-80s, which created popular big companies today. A lot has to do with selling strategy, market strategy and pricing to get the leading edge.


    I checked out the website. Looks like a good website and a good service.


    1. Why would i not use the Alarm Clock feature on my cell phone, which is with me wherever I travel and gets me the local time as soon as I trun the phone on anywhere in this world?

    2. Why should I pay upto $15 a month just to replace an alarm clock that I carry on my belt?

    3. A toaster still toasts a slice of bread. Selling toasted bread as a service, just so one can save 5 secs in the morning does not make sense.

  15. Hi Om,

    This past week, Research and Markets put out a report that stated by 2015 the mobile content market could be worth more than $1 trillion and be the most important factor in a mobile operator’s ability to reverse declining revenues. I think it would be interesting to look at some of the key challenges that operators are facing in managing mobile content, media-rich Web applications, and user-generated content. Services innovating faster than bandwidth deploys, being the brand and not the pipe, and service consistency across technologies are some of the more pressing issues facing carriers.

    If you would like to discuss these topics or anything related to the mobile industry, please let me know and I would be happy to chat with you.

    Gary Tauss
    President and CEO, Mobidia, Inc.

  16. Hi Om,
    As Web keeps getting bigger and bigger i suppose the data available is growing exponentially and hence the relevance of this data is diminishing. I suppose there are lots of companies who are dabbling in this space of what i would say Web 3.0, where we would come out of the traditional Search based access of the data and intorduce some newer ways of interaction.

    Other Topics of choice would be, more deeper Audio and Video Research firms/projects.

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