4 thoughts on “Ready or Not, WiMAX here we come”

  1. This reminds me of an old joke amoungst private pilots.

    How do you become a millionaire in aviation?
    Start out as a billionaire!!!

    Seriously Om, these WiMAX guys are just a big fat joke themselves.

    Anybody with rudamentory skills in physics can see right thru their biggest lie, that being the claim of a 30mile radius per wireless multi-megabyte broadband basestation.

    This claim is so bogus that the government should put a stop to it. Simply put the amount of radiated power to achieve such a claim is ridiculously MASSIVE, and would blast/distort/interfer with almost every other signal in the air, and thus has no chance of ever being approved.

    So the knuckle draggers at Intel, who are getting their asses kicked royally by Qualcomm, should have to publish what their results/claims are for WiMAX basestations using the same ERP as current cellular basestations. Once this happens, this whole WiMAX fraud will come to an ignominous end.

  2. (1) Intel has also put a boatload of money into Itanium. Why will WIMAX fare any better?

    (2) The 30 mile radius isn’t good in my area unless you couple it to radio frequencies that can go over, around, or through hills and trees.

  3. i would just like to mention that TV uses the same type of frequencies, it has already been approved, its just currently being used for other broadcasts. could this be a reason underlying the push for the hi-def mandate? i dont know about all of you, but i do get a TV station without having a huge basket antenna on my roof, why would that be any different for the internet on the same frequencies? are you trying to say my FM radio wont work because the TV signal is over powering it? that seems retarded to me. also, the data stream doesnt matter. how much “bandwidth” do you think it takes to stream video and audio (TV) to your home? im pretty sure i diddnt have to cut down trees to watch tv. its completely workable and i myself cant wait.!! one more thing, its not the home, how its built or the trees that would be an issue, it the water content in them that distorts signal into noise…

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