11 thoughts on “Real Life Vs. Second Life”

  1. om and the folks at gigaom, a request: you are tracking so many companies, and so many in clear categories, why not have your dev throw up a copy of opensource pligg (at http://www.pligg.com) – it’s an english translation of meneame, the open source digg clone…then you could link to all of these companies (and articles) in your blog posts and when i (or others) don’t feel like commenting but DO want to cast an opinion, we could simply vote the subjects and topics up and down…yeah, it’d be a digg clone, but whatever, mtv is using pligg now too, so whatever…

  2. Well, they’ve made that ‘over a million’ figure one less by locking me out with no support.

    Remember that password security reset thing about two months ago? Yeah, well, ever since then I have not been able to log in because I have not been given my new password.

    All online password reactivation methods end with a ‘please call us to get your new password.’ Yet no matter how many times I’ve called and left a message, I’ve had no response. Even the email support directs me to their phone support!

    Worst support I’ve ever had! They’ve really managed to piss me off.

  3. Always confused whether it is really popular or media is making it(or trying to make it) popular.

    I cant beleive people really use thse site.I am interested in learning directly from people who actually use it on why they use it.

    May be there is something I am missing.

  4. I have some additional thoughts about this matter on my blog, but I think people aren’t seeing the possibilities for Second Life (or whatever it becomes). As performance increases it will allow companies to offer a personally tailored interaction with their products that far exceeds today’s 2D websites.

    Instead of visiting the Adidas website, go to their online store, literally. Handle their shoes, check what the pattern on the sole looks like, put a pair on your avatar, watch a little movie about the shoes, download some free music, then order a real pair with your virtual sales person.

  5. Thing about Second Life is when you join you are offered a choice of Avatars. All have nice smiley WHITE faces, unless you want to pose as a Racoon.
    And in the adult Horizons Resort, one character, Palad, says whenever the issue arises, we wishes the “furries” would stick to their own “community”. He defends his views, but incites others to act. His girlfriend Felicity dismisses all Scots as “mean” and the few who have dared protest this RAMPANT RACISM have been arbitrarily thrown off the site by a defiant management

  6. There is actually a lot of fashion stores businesses growing in Second Life and i hear that there is people making a living with selling virtual clothes. Love this site btw šŸ™‚

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