9 thoughts on “Its an IPod World… Believe It!”

  1. Om, I’m just curious to get feedback from another discerning Powerbook G4 buyer. I, like yourself, recently purchased a widescreen 1.6GHz 15″ PB with 7200 RPM 100GB HDD and, to be honest, I’m glad I did.

    While it might’ve been nice to purchase a next-generation Macintel edition Powerbook with a built-in camera I’d never use, I can’t help but think “Where the hell is the PCMCIA slot?” I mean, an express 34 card slot? Goes well with the euqally unuseable 2nd generation Firewire800 port, but come on. What use would this be? The lack of a PCMCIA slot in the current market is ridiculous.

    I’m currently connected to this site via my Vodafone-issued Globetrotter UMTS PC card. Thia feat would be impossible on a new MacBook. I would be forced to hang-up my phone, force a hasty Bluetooth connection with my laptop, and pray for the best.

    I’m not certain what your first reaction to the new unit is, but mine is one of gratitude that I purchased by Powerbook in December rather than January.

  2. i cannot agree more – the lack of PC card or even WAn support is a bit baffling. i am not sure if the phone + macbook combination will be good enough for folks, because the batteries drain like a bitch.

  3. Yep, Jobs surprises us once again .. but can this growth really continue? Are there really 60,000,000 in the world people who can afford to buy an iPod every year?

    Probably not, but I said the same thing in July 05 and look where it got me. People who bought AAPL stock back then are now laughing all the way to the bank.

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