7 thoughts on “Real, Microsoft, Napster versus Steve Jobs”

  1. Om, there is nothing simple about iPod and iTunes for someone like me you has no desire to OWN 100,000 songs. I already did that with vinyl and CDs. Unlimited, customizable access to a mega-jukebox is pretty cool for someone who primarily listens to music in his home office and, better still, pipes Rhapsody thru the house via wifi and cheap AV interfaces. Some some white box with storage on it is totally superfulous to that endeavor. And you put your finger on iTunes and its 30 seconds previews — just doesn’t cut it when you are searching out new music. Me, I think Real should just forget about that whole portable market, but it can’t as it is also faces competition from satellite radio (yep, nuther subscription) and is forced to fight a two-front war. My luck and this great solution to my music needs will eventually succomb to these forces. For now I gotta go check and see if I want to add anything to my Cinco de Mayo Rhapsody playlist from last year. It’s free and I don’t own any tejano music.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Would you mind telling me how you went about piping the music through your house. This is exactly what I want to do! Details on the cheap av interfaces too please:-)

    You can post here for all to see but i’d appreciate an email as well, because i will most likely have a few questions if you’ll be so kind as to help.



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