59 thoughts on “Reed Elsevier Leads $6M Investment in GigaOM”

    1. For now we are expanding to Europe. Other plans will follow soon. You know, I don’t like to talk about things without having everything sorted out. 😉

      1. Cool! 🙂 But it would be nice to see more and more technology media companies enter Japan. We feel a bit ignored, to be honest! 🙂

  1. Congratulations! When are you creating something in India? (You could buy a blog like PluggdIn or Trak.in or something. NB:I’m not involved with any of these blogs).

  2. GigaOM, one of the few sites still providing consistently good and insightful coverage, and not pure linkbait. Huge congrats, totally deserved!

  3. Congrats Om on another round of funding . You have proved that the numbber of daily posts is not important but the content inside them is . And another congrats because no one was able to scoop the story before you broke it .

  4. Great move and can’t wait for some European coverage. Hopefully it will not be too London focused like a competitors european blogs 😉

    Any plans to expand into gadget news or games news?

    1. Darren

      We are going to be methodical. I think we do enough gadget news on our sites :-). Games is not our thing unless it is Angry Birds, which is what we love.

  5. Could not be more excited for you and team, Om. I’ve been a long-time reader (back to Business 2.0) and always enjoy the quality writing here. You cover many of the same topics that I can read about at MobileBurn, Engadget, etc, but with a fresh perspective that I’ve always enjoyed. Keep up the great work.

  6. Wallstreet journal, nytimes and Gigaom all charge for paid content.

    Anyway. Trying to say that selling your content is different from nytimes selling their content is a perfect example of the single voice that i expect. Its like how you agree with EFF and say that he has a good view point in a future article.

  7. Om, Congratulations to you and the GigaOm team! You have done an amazing job creating content that matters. I always know when I read a GigaOm story that it will be insightful, well researched, witty, and balanced.

    You are a true gentleman in a tough industry. Good guys do win!

    Financing is great validation that you have built a company of enduring value.


    Don Dodge

    1. Thanks. The credit goes to the team. For past three years, it is them and not me. They have worked incredibly hard to build a great place and a great culture. I am merely here to get credit.

  8. Ok. I have great great respect for Om Malik when he was guest on Cranky Geeks. So i am definitely not trying to start a flame war. Just wanted to point out that from my observation on the free content. I can’t find a voice that doesn’t make me think this is written by John, Jennifer or Sarah, etc. Its always sounded like Om Malik yourself. Maybe the paid content is different. It might be a cool idea to have a paid article on the free site once in a while to see what GigaOm is all about. And not what Om Malik is about.

  9. Congratulations. It’s great to see work of depth making it online and also to see a project that started as a blog develop a successful research company. You’re definitely an inspiration!

    And I bet your mom will understand!

  10. Om – Love what you guys are doing and continued success. We’re looking forward to continuing to build the relationship between GigaOm Pro and CB Insights over time. Congrats again!

  11. Congrats on your amazing success! The photo of you and your team outside the NYSE with the welcome message for GigaOM says it all! Keep flying higher…

  12. Om,
    it is really nice to see you keep growing and growing and not selling and leaving 🙂
    Hope to see you soon on one of your conferences
    Kudos to you and all the team!

    1. @Dean – when most talk about paywalls, they’re referring to charging for same content that had previously been free/ad-supported. We decided to go a different route when expanding into paid content, creating an entirely new, deep-dive content division with our research group GigaOM Pro, while at the same time continuing to focus on the same verticals our community has come to known us for. It’s paid off!

  13. Om, you are a real inspiration to me! Rewards come to those who work hard!
    Congratulations and regards to you personally and to all Giga Om team!

  14. Best news I’ve read in a long time. You deserve special honors for building a team around the direction and style you have chosen, Om.

    Supporting that team, receiving support back from that team is important stuff that many folks don’t understand. You obviously do.

    Keep on rockin’.

  15. Shows good content has a great future, all the best. Even more chuffed to hear that good people like @Fais got two friends to work together… virtuous cycle of good karma.

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