6 thoughts on “The Return of Craig McCaw”

  1. Nextlink became XO. It wasn’t a failure. A financier wrested control of XO from McCaw and Forstman Little. His goal at the time was to build a fixed landline business – a CLEC servicing the smaller business customer base. I gve him major props since wireless has now become the “future.” He was there before everyone figured it out. Also, Nextel’s spectrum relies on cheaper non PCS spectrum and used Motorola’s iDEN technology.
    Brash and a risk taker.

  2. Nextlink/XO was a failure, period. That doesn’t discredit McCaw’s career, but it is a fact. Icahn took over the company in bankruptcy, hardly “wresting” it away from Forstmann, et al.

  3. Without wanting to tarnish his image, there is more than a single blip, and some of them have been in the wireless space (how quickly Teledesic fades from memory, I guess). Everybody who swings for the fences is also gonna’ strike out a lot.

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