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  1. I have given numerous interviews to journalists (magazine and newspaper) and put them in touch with other experts who could help them with their stories and only in a few instances have the journalists mentioned me and Muniwireless in their news reports. So now I tell them I won’t even open my mouth unless they promise to mention my name and Muniwireless. When they agree, I send them an email confirming our arrangement. I tell them that if this does not happen, I will post the email on Muniwireless (which is a blog) with a link to their story or a mention of the story (if it is in a paper publication) — they’ll have to do some explaining. Then they will look bad. Of course I understand it if their editor deletes any mention of my name but the point is, the journalist has some explaining to do in the comments section of my post.

  2. Is this intended to be comedy?


    And how old ARE you, Mr. Malik. You give limbal impressions of being ‘of an age’ and being wise… I mean, to those who have no wisdom, no matter what the age.

    “Give credit where credit is due”, is rather lame. Especially because it implies taking credit away where credit is NOT due. You have ANY awareness of ANY of this?? Little that I’ve seen here, and that’s giving credit…!!

    Feel free to email questions, as you obviously have more of them than answers, I’m sorry to report.

  3. Let me explain, by showing how far away from reality you are, with just one TINY example outta all this drivel above:

    “Secondly, blogging is a ’Äúself correcting’Äù media. You screw up, and people let you know in real time. As someone who gets paid to write, think about how cool it is that you have group-intelligence at your disposal”

    Somebody that stamps “blogger” on their forehead is not amenable to correction. Btw, I corrected you above, we’ll see if your memes change in the slightest, and they most likely will not, in the slightest.

    “Real time” is not 10 minutes later, nor 2 days later. Do you have ANY sense of what it is to have shame, or are you just plain ignorant…??

    Blogs are a SLOOOOOOOOW form of interaction, compared to email and phone. Yet you manage to mangle the truth and state just the opposite. (That’d be ONE-a the falsehood-meme’s I’ve BEEN correcting bloggers on. How’s come you still haven’t ‘self-corrected’…??)

    Yeah, you have the power and you abuse it.

    The power of running with a pack of vicious animals, who are protecting their virtual territory.

    The power of group-think goes a long way..

    ..but at the ‘end of the day’….

    ….Blogging’s a mess, you die like the rest…;-D

  4. J. Trouble you miss the point. self correcting, as in when you are wrong, people let you know soon enough, and it can either through comments or email. anyway ten minutes is much faster than waiting for a couple of days to correct something. i think your opinions are quite valid and a welcome addition.

  5. You missed my point, Om.

    No, PC keeps that from happening on almost EVERY blog (cough) authored post. The rare exceptions turn into cat-fights.

    Seriously, check the stats on comments. They are ALMOST ENTIRELY AND UNIVERSELY FAVORABLE. What passes for HARSH CRITICISM is usually a mild rebuke along with some feel-goods for the (cough) author of the blog.

    Very little, almost no, cogent discussion in blog-comments, just like blogs themselves.

    You think this is all coincidence?? It’s built on a social cult that does not LISTEN to contrary views. Well, the cult ‘listens’ but does not ‘hear’.

    Btw, is my question about your age also welcome, as I didn’t see that answered?? And thank you for the hospitality.

    Jay Rosen, the whirlwind behind freeing the press, has chosen to dis-allow me from replying to blatantly incorrect logic, and wishful thinking.

    Do you know why, Om?? The truth hurts, is my impression.

    (And this User Interface is one of THE worst I’ve EVER seen for commenting, ANYwhere throughout all-a Fantasy-BlogWorld.)

  6. JT you have to not use a broadstroke and paint everyone in the same right. I am not sure what to say, except I know one thing – I listen, if criticism is fair and justified, I apologize and correct my self. Sure you have an opinion and so be it, but i think that’s the way it is. (Email me if you want to know my age 🙂 )

  7. I just looked up your about. I sometimes do, and sometimes don’t.

    You’d be about 10 years younger than me, I’d guess. That’s just a part of my point. I paint with broad brushstrokes, at times, because normally my aim is to use a blunt instrument rather than a surgical strike.

    You appear to be extremely successful, and an interesting combo of generalist-specialist. The success gets in the way of wisdom, every time, right?

    There is a cult that keeps the fantasy world of blogs going, and it’s not healthy. In fact, this very cult has taken over Journalists’ brains, and is in the process of taking over both political parties.

    I admit, perhaps there’s some over-done guilt-by-association. Not every bloggin’ body is power hungry, most are just lonely looking for a vicious pack of ‘nice people’ to gather ’round…

    Generalities are not entirely useless, and the facts are as I’ve stated them.

    Be glad to be corrected, myself, but I’ve been studying this pseudo-semi-space for some time now. Had even thought of taking up blogging again, just recently. (Do, in these comments, to the extent I’m going to.. for now.)

    Btw, I’ve heard this before: And heard the “you don’t know me well enough personally to understand (implication–>so you CANNOT correct me when I’m mistaken)” meme is real popular with the younger generations…

    Subtle variation of “YOU HAFTA KNOW ME ON **MY, MY, MY TERMS** (ONLY)”, which is the general malaise of writers-turned-bloggers, these days. Actually, people turned blog-culters, to be more precise…

    Similar to the falsehood-meme, “If you just know more about ME, we’ll ALL get along better.” That one is the both the cause and the effect of terrorists, imv. Works, but only on occasion.

  8. Iow, if your readers actually WERE keeping you honest, you would never have written something that confounds basic mathematics:

    “Sure you cannot take all 3.5 million bloggers seriously, and by that same yardstick, you can’t deny a blogger…”

    You cannot take ANYbody seriously who stamps the very word “blogger” on their forehead. Did your readers (besides me) tell you this…?? Social faux pas, no doubt.

    And I understand that there is a SMALL amount of cogent discussion amongst the 3.5 M cult members. I sure DO understand that, and have said so myself on many occasions.

    Your post here sounds like a plea/bargain that your views are among those that SHOULD be listened to. I see this, sometimes more subtly, on ALL blogs, without exception. Because blogs are relating to the public, ie a form of PR. Not just by definition, in actual practice, as well.


    Mostly by those who’ve never accomplished very much other than getting outta bed in the morning (which is no SMALL accomplishment, btw.. but…) So I agree the 3.5 M bloggers SHOULD give a clue about what they’re about..

    Can you say “BULLHORN for the disaffected” (which also plays well with these younger generation(s)), and who isn’t.. to SOME extent…?!?

    And what does a bullhorn do to intelligent conversation, almost without exception…???

    (Well, natch.. I’m hoping I won’t hafta use a bullhorn, to get my point across…;-)

  9. Jt … i see why Jay Rosen banned you from his forums. I guess what you have to say has been said. Now i would advise you to keep these big comments on your blog, and i will link to what you have to say. thanks for stopping by…

  10. Killer post. Much enjoyed.

    I think JT fumbles around one point that will see greater attention: the blogosphere is a winner-take-all market. So returns are not distributed efficiently, pushing many would-be bloggers out of the market.

    For the revolution to ignite, we need mechanisms beyond blogdex/technorati, which reinforce the natural positive feedback dynamics of the market. What will these be? I think reverse syndication – a la reBlog – is critical.

  11. Umair, brilliant point I think. I agree with you on the mechanisms beyond blogdex etc. maybe you should jump in and try and develop something? No?

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