18 thoughts on “Rewind: Editing the Playlist of My Life”

  1. Only now did I notice that I buy CD’s of my favorite albums and keep them in the changer of my car. Everything else is on my touch which is in the console. Enlightening!

  2. Om, you are not alone. I too have migrated to certain products and services and brands. For example, I am more loyal to certain blogs and less so than others. I even buy all my luggage from one brand. Curation will make this even more of a reality for others. But quality is in. Happy holidays and hoping to see you in 2011.

  3. Interesting thoughts. I’m attempting to de-clutter our house and especially my home office as I prepare for a new job where I’ll be working from home. I bought a lot of physical media (Music CDs, DVD movies, games, books) in the past because I thought they were more flexible – not locked to a specific ecosystem.

    But over time, I’m beginning to take a similar view. I get games from Valve’s Steam service; download music on iTunes, download new books on the iPAD (using the Kindle app), and limit my DVD purchases to important classics (Apocalypse Now is on my Christmas list).

    I’m slowly letting go of the physical for the digital.

    But then there’s the boxes of film negatives and slides I have to scan. Time to curate those as well.

  4. Hi Om, I love your work and posts but this one a one of the best since it makes you think and leads to a change in behaviour. I shall try and adopt same and see how I go next year! happy holidays 🙂 kind rgds Ajit

  5. Re: Will we react to the problem of plenty by becoming highly selective and taking our hyper-personalized media consumption habits into how we shop, live and behave?

    People over the age of 28 years old start showing the same behavior pattern whether they live digital or analog lives. Sad but true!

  6. I moved from Hamburg to Copenhagen to Berlin to London to New York, carrying my thousands of books and records with me like Robert de Niro carrying his load in the movie the Mission. The fact that I can now move about the world with my Kindle, my Mac and my iphone is liberating. I also have loads of old photos (and films) in various formats that I would love to digitize.

  7. Thank you for sharing your insights. I think a key aspect is HOW to continue to maintain an “iPod shuffle” on an ongoing basis, and not succumb to the next new version…

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