16 thoughts on “RIP, Tim Russert”

  1. Om,

    All the more reason why its so good of you to have started exercising, watching your weight, monitoring your food, etc. because of how fragile our hearts can become if we’re not paying attention to our health.

  2. He hosted “Meet the Press”, not Meet the Nation.

    He was a truly great political reporter. I watched him every week. R.I.P. Timmy.

  3. Well Said! As news/political junkie I agree that Sunday mornings or late elections nights will never be the same again. Tim and his classic whiteboard explanations – will be missed by me.

  4. Well said, Om. Tim Russert exemplified all that is good about journalism – he was the epitome of journalistic altruism and integrity. He will be sorely missed, particularly during this historic election. I can only hope that up and coming journalists can leave the muckraking behind and take a page out of the Tim Russert school of journalism.

  5. Tim Russert was the shit! He made the Sunday morning political TV circuit the highlight of my mornings. I will miss you!

  6. Remembering Tim Russert as a true Journalistic Leader. Tim personifide the very definition of Leadership. That being the Art of influencing others to advance with cooperation and enthuasiam towards the accomplishnment of a single Journalistic goal or Broadcasting Mission.

  7. I sincerely agree that Sunday morning will never be the same again. He was the pinnacle of his profession and left us way to early. RIP Tim Russert, I will pray for you and your family.

  8. Really the first big regret of your life? You’re either a saint or boring…

    Please don’t let my snide comment take away from the fact that it’s very, very sad to see Tim Russert die so young. The world needs more journalists like him.

  9. I’m from Buffalo, and Tim Russert was one of our proudest products. Being a journalist myself, he’s someone we always looked to for strength and answers. It’s a sad loss for the whole industry, and just makes you look at what is important in life…

  10. Well said Nicole. Again Om, your balance of personal with professional shines through. I hope we can learn from you, as you did Russert…

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