8 thoughts on “Rojo, right outta beta”

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  2. uhm, how is this an improvement on bloglines? Its dog, dog, dog slow. The ui doesn’t scale – I have several hundred feeds, with hundreds of active posts at any given moment, and i get to see clips from the top 10? Not working for me, sorry. Bloglines let me scroll through piles of subscriptions, expand and collapse folders and read feeds that supply complete entries without ever leaving the window. Frankly, if it weren’t for bloglines i’d would never visit this blog.

  3. And the claustrophoic sense being locked up in a dark room. I used Rojo Beta and all the potential proved fruitless when I could not see what other members were reading, discussing. Rojo is anti-social.

  4. i don’t think its slow. its working just fine for me. perhaps you folks need to spend a little time with it. i know its new and all. but give it a chance. by the way, rojo is not anti-social. instead it lets you define your “contacts” and then you can use it.

    bloglines, is a great service. i always recommend it to folks who are starting out in feeds/rss reading space. its a good way to get started. but they have not rolled out anything new in a while. i guess if they did, rojo features would be like bloglines.

    but of course good people like you always make your decisions. those were my thoughts. me – i am back to net news wire 🙂

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