5 thoughts on “RUMOR: Shake Up At Joost, Marketing Team Trimmed”

  1. The Marketing team at Joost sucks even Joost users do a better job promoting the product than they do :p

    And on that note Remember to watch March Madness on Joost tonight .

    7:10 PM West Virginia at (12) Xavier

    7:27 PM (21) Washington State at (1) North Carolina

    9:40 PM Western Kentucky at (3) UCLA

    9:57 PM (13) Louisville at (5) Tennessee

  2. OM – more importantly – what’s with Cigar still sticking out of your mouth? Or is this Avatar a collectors item?

  3. Om, what a stupid post! Talk about tabloid journalism – isn’t it just as possible that Joost is changing things to improve the company? Think you’re reading way way too much into this “story”. Now the CTO hire, that’s meaningful news.

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