12 thoughts on “Salesforce.com's Clouded Dreams”

  1. I saw a presentation on Force.com at Web 2.0 in NY on Sept. 17th. Since then I have had an issue with logging on to view the getting started guides. Till this day I still have not been able to log on. I have a support log opened with SalesForce.com..still no resolution. I received an email last week saying that it should be fixed shortly as it is a known issue….still nothing.

  2. Translating their platforms into dollars and sense is a too-frequent afterthought for platform companies.

    Remind me to have a cyanide capsule installed in one of my molars just in case anyone ever suggests that my company is the next Oracle.

  3. @jeffrey…dollars and sense are what is missing from silicon valley so your slip might have been Freudian :-). anyway marc “the mouth” benioff wants to be oracle. he just won’t admit to it!

  4. Didn’t SalesForce.com basically originate from people leaving Oracle? I don’t think they want to be Oracle. I think they already were Oracle, and just wouldn’t admit to it (typically, unless someone asks by what authority are they doing such outlandish things with their data, and then they can say “Well, we used to help run Oracle…”).

  5. 2 problems with Marc’s Cloudy vision…

    1 – the value prop of cloud computing is in large part that of outsourcing IT hassles and costs. A business that outsources more and more of their IT still needs someone to make things work RIGHT NOW when it matters. The pricing model for SaaS, Cloud, etc. doesn’t provide for that sort of support.

    2 – Salesforce.com’s customer support keeps getting worse and worse.

    Its a viscous cycle… the more success they have in the cloud, the less they can afford to support their existing customers the way they need to be supported.

  6. @Craig, i agree with your observations. we had the same support experience with another cloud environment (Amazon EC). However, if an enterprise uses a mix of in-house and cloud computing, I think it can have benefits.

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