8 thoughts on “Samsung’s e315 worthy upgrade”

  1. Other than being annoyingly slow, OTA’ing the photos shouldn’t cost you much in data transfer. (unless you MMS them of course) My T-Mobile plan has unlimited data for ~ $5.00/month.

    That might be steep for average joe, but for a phone geek it’s a pretty good deal!


  2. There is an engineering bug in the current e315 model phone. You cannot go to an existing name in your phonebook and “add entry” placing more than one number under the same name. You can painstakingly do it by going to menu, add entry, find name to add an entry to, then put in your info. You just can’t use the “add entry” option by scrolling to a name and adding an entry. A bug that needs to be fixed.

  3. i just baught this samsung e315 aand i love it! all my friends at school say what a great phone it is..i got this phone with pre-paid service because my other phone that i had just baught (motorola v300) would get very hot when charging and then never turn on again..overall i think this is a great phone!

  4. I just got my e315 and I really like the bright screen and grid menu. The phone is sleek and light weight. I don’t really need the camera much, though it’s always good to have an extra just for sending on the fly. The only thing I don’t like is the hands free set. I really want a one of those that sits on your ear not in it. I move around so much that it’s always falling out. Does anyone know where I can get one that will work with this new connection?

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