11 thoughts on “San Francisco to Get Clearwire WiMAX in 2010”

  1. Thank Heavens!
    I’m so relieved to hear that San Fransisco is not going to be left behind on the *latest* cutting edge broadband product!
    I’d hate to think that consumers there would only have a half dozen choices on how to connect to the internet with fast reliable speeds as opposed to most of the rural U.S. which has the option of dial-up or paying through the nose for capped satellite connections that go down on cloudy days.

    Go Clearwire!

    1. Sprint owns a big portion of CLearwire. So from that perspective it is good news. Of course, clearwire is using their 3G network to fill the gaps. from that perspective it is not a bad deal for Sprint

  2. In San Fran, Clearwire could give AT&T a run for its money as a DSL alternative, plus it’ll make a sweet bundle for Comcast in SF…

    What does this mean for Sprint? Network backhaul revenues.

    I guess this quashes the whisper campaign that the GSM people had going against WiMAX……

  3. For Sprint this also means another locale to sell hybrid 3G/4G services (for devices like the mobile routers they intro’d last week), which will be needed by true road warriors who want one device/one service for more than one geographical region.

    Plus remember Sprint is majority owner of Clearwire, so any profits also help the Sprint bottom line.

    Don’t forget, CLWR earnings tomorrow… should be interesting to see the second quarter of subscriber numbers from Portland.

  4. What is the definition of “San Francisco” area? Will service go down to Cupertino, up to Novato, and over to Sacramento? Or will be footprint be much smaller?

  5. A few years ago Intel conducted an early WiMAX test with CalTrain. The test involved WiMAX routers mounted along the Silicon Valley railway, connected to fiber optic cable that was laid during the last centuries broadband boom. CalTrain insists that although the tests were successful, the agencies profit neutral status prevents them from activating a WiMAX service that would stretch from San Francisco to San Jose.

    CalTrain claims that they are looking for proposals to take over the WiMAX-Optic infrastructure, but that there is little interest. I’m wondering why ClearWire wouldn’t be interested in a right-of-way that runs the full length of Silicon Valley, and is prepped to go?


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