7 thoughts on “SBC Adds 528,000 Mostly Budget DSL Users”

  1. I dont know who is still getting dsl. I know I am a low end users and never have to deal with getting internet to 100, or 1000 people at a time…

    But I mean think about it: If you are so small, 25 and under, get cable and distribute it via wireless. Over 25, get something big. Get Tango. I dont get the appeal of dsl for any range then. But again, no expert.

  2. That is quite different from the report I read this morning with the same URL.

    October 20, 2005 (3rd qtr)

    DSL — SBC accelerated DSL line growth in the third quarter, with a net gain
    of 402,000, up 28 percent from its gain in the second quarter. Over the past
    four quarters, SBC has added more than 1.5 million DSL lines, and at the end
    of the third quarter, SBC had 4.7 million DSL lines in service, making it
    No. 1 among major U.S. telecommunications providers.

  3. Verizon’s results are coming out next week. Will be interesting to note how many FIOS data customers they have added. They have never released that data till now. Rather they have been combining it with DSL numbers.

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