11 thoughts on “SBC’s new 2Wire Set-Top Box”

  1. “Now why would need TiVo?”

    Um, to make sure that what you want recorded actually gets recorded. No one in the business has yet come close to TiVo’s comprehensive recording features.

    Hardware is meaningless. It’s all about the scheduling engine.

  2. What a great box, and the remote that opens to allow for keyboard like entry is a great idea.

    The only thing that would make it better would be to allow you to add a USB drive!! Now that would be the nuts!

  3. Om – Part of the Orb vs. 2Wire story that you missed though — for some reason (SBC) 2Wire won’t let you stream your TV everywhere you go! That is the killer app that Orb brings to your cell phone/pda/laptop…

  4. I’ve got Dish and DSL through SBC and everything works great. They’re all about consolidation so this product makes sense. I for one can’t wait to see it. I wonder if they need beta testers? They showed it at CES and from what I hear it was not quite ready for prime time. That was three months ago, surely it’s in beta now?

  5. Um, 2Wire actually means “twisted pair”, as in a single telco connection. The satellite stuff is an afterthought and a kludge.

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