5 thoughts on “Scoble swings at Google”

  1. Are we reading the same article? He just praised that their products are so good others create PR for them. You have lately been wandering into Dvorak and Cringely territory with your posts. Bring it back to earth honey.

  2. Huh? That is exactly what Scoble is saying. That Google Maps is awesome and people talk about it.

  3. but its not PR. they did not create hype. they produced something which people liked. that is not PR. its called community responding positively

  4. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s obvious that Scoble wasn’t saying they were “spinning” something or any of the more negative connotations of the term PR.

    Excellent products that get the public talking about you is the highest form of PR.

    Let’s bring it back to Earth, Om. Just because you’re an Apple fanboy doesn’t mean you have to bash everything that MS does.

  5. yeah well… apple fan boy… nice. i like that dustin. anyway i recommended the microsoft phone recently. which doesn’t mean i bash everything microsoft does.

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