4 thoughts on “Secret Life of My Space”

  1. I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not getting in with these guys back in 2003. I had a chance to work for them but at the time Friendster was showing major problems and it was yet to be seen if these guys could make money doing social networking. Oh well, hindsight is 50/50!

  2. myspace is a piece of Sh.. just go download porn already. when you see through the sht its easy to realize the unimportant thing.

  3. Myspace is not a piece of shit. I am an active duty service member and with the website it allows me to stay in touch with my much loved friends without having to pay a buttload of money on a phonebill. For those of us who do have friends, and or, find them very important to us, Myspace rocks. So shut your mouth biatch.

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