21 thoughts on “10 New New Secret Questions”

  1. From a safety perspective, some of these are potentially dangerous ones.

    Especially …
    “Which year did you start using Google?” only have a few options and can be easily cracked.

  2. Quite an innovative post buddy. Anyways few from my side…
    1. When was the last time (year) you entered a web url without googling it?
    2. How many times do you use the ‘F’ word in a day?

    • How many stock options do you have? (How many are worth anything?) – a BIG FAT ZERO 🙁
    • Who was your first online date? (Which service was it through?) – Beth via lavalifePRIME
    • What was the name of your first startup? Brainstorm International
    • What is your Facebook username? Bobby
    • What was your first email address? brainstorm@hotmail.com
    • When was the first time (year) you used Google? 1999/2000
    • How many IM accounts do you have? 3
    • When was the last time you went out on a date? last week

    How many times do you use the ‘F’ word in a day? a LOT

  3. I don’t know..Thought Om Malik always comes up with better stuff..This topic is more Techcrunchish..

    Anyway, about the topic, aren’t questions like PageRank and stock options bound to change every now and then? How will I remember the stock options and Pagerank I had at the time of registration!

  4. @ms7
    Only some are bad from a safety perspective?! Try, all of them (not only need wide variety of answers, but also facts that don’t change over time, and will be remembered 10 years from now). But, the post is meant to be humorous, right?

  5. Actual from my bank(s)

    • What was your grandfathers profession !!

    I could write a million questions to ask these stupid tech-bankers .. but those aren’t for this forum!

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