5 thoughts on “Sergey and Dave All Gevil”

  1. mr. malik, when i make fun of you it’s only because i luv ya 🙂

    appreciate the rumor mill tho — never know when that might come in handy. but i think mr. brin has other fish to fry at the moment, and we’re not looking to get bought anytime soon. besides, it’s just top of the 2nd inning in Bubble 2.0 🙂

    still, it was nice of him to take the photo op — glad to see he’s still got a sense of humor. also kinda cool i’ve played ultimate frisbee over at the Googleplex with sergey & other googlers a few times. warms the heart to see billionaire geeks still mingling with us little people…

    anyway, sergey wasn’t the only good sport — more googlers [not] being gevil here:

    and web 2.0 conf was definitely a blast this year. kudos to john & tim for putting together another home run.

    – dave mcclure

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