25 thoughts on “Seven years of tweeting”

  1. Dem feels! Twitter has changed, but those of us who joined very very early on will never stop loving it. Thanks for this post, Om. It reflects a lot on so much.

  2. I’ve been on twitter a couple of years now. I joined after reading an article about it in the Doctor Who Monthly Magazine. It seemed like a fun thing, never tried social media before, and I found it fun to tweet along with everyone as they talked out the new series of Doctor Who that had just started at the time. Twitter has been a fun platform to read articles and catch up on news, and I still chat regularly to the same small group of people I’ve been talking to since I started, which is nice.

  3. I go back and forth about whether to join twitter. I feel like one social media site is time-consuming enough, and who really wants to “follow” me that much anyway? I’m no Justin Bieber (thankfully). But I am fascinated by twitter’s role in political change. Is the book you mentioned above going to touch on that?

  4. What a crazy length twitter has been out! It’s almost like the moment I realized Mean Girls was over ten years old. I originally believed Twitter would amount to Facebook or Myspace: a popular social outlet that would eventually fade into nonexistence as the next new site appeared. With the 140 character limit, though, twitter really has capitalized on a cool, individualized market. I have to keep my thoughts short, sweet, and to the point (I’m sure others have spent literally 20 minutes revising tweets to fit the length requirement). Anyways, the site has incorporated itself both into my daily routine and heart, and I’ll probably continue to use it for seven more years.

  5. Hi Om Malik, I was a fan of twitter and found it interesting. As you can see, you can simply twit anywhere when you like it, like your current condition, following news, information and your friends plan and whereabouts.

    I twit for 5 years now and never get enough of it before. However, after all this years with twitter, it reached it peaks when I rarely update my twit, open the twitter application in my iphone and through internet browser and even, deleted it from my iphone about a week ago.

    The reason is, twitter doesn’t really offer a challenge, most of social media users need some kind of challenge to motivate them. Regarding the updated news I lost, some news site already creates their own application to send updated news directly to its consumer.

    For social life, there are other types of social media with better features than twitter. I am very interested with your post that brings up this case and I am quite agree that twitter has lost its touch “loving”.

  6. Social media has definitely dawned into a new era of doing things, the expanding front of these mechanisms are of a completely new age. I have been captured by this ease of access of information and can relate why it couldn’t loose its magic. Well done on staying ahead of the times!

  7. Ah, I remember the first time I stepped onto the world wide web in March of 1995. I was watching the little comet or asteroid or whatever it was as I clicked into the Netscape browser that was slow as my dog in a New Jersey summer. I typed in the words “environmental groups” and I was absolutely thrilled to see a list of environmental groups all over the world pop up on my screen. I remember feeling absolutely overjoyed and thinking this is the medium that is going to knit the world together. Still waiting.

  8. Amazing ! Twitter has it’s own charm of 140 characters. Looks like you have been writing your days and nights on Twitter. Cool ! It’s an addiction.

  9. I wonder how many years Twitter will exist with loyal and active user just like now. I hope it will not ended like friendster, plurk, and some other socmed.

  10. Seven years, already? Wow! I just visited the new office space a couple of months ago in the financial district in SF….VERY Cool, all the way down to the groovy, space-age elevator system. I love the egg-like lounge areas. Great post! @BKnight561

  11. It’s interesting for me to think about Twitter being around that long. I’m really new to Twitter and even having grown up around social media, I don’t 100% understand Twitter.

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