16 thoughts on “SIPphone Gets VC Cash”

  1. Wifi and Mobile can mean a couple of things. One could be pure dual-mode with no roaming between the two types of networks. The other is a seamless experience where the user can roam between wifi and cellular networks while on the same call without being dropped. This second scenario is usually associated with IMS and is much more sophisticated. It’s possible with added middleware from a Sipquest, PCTel, or Bridgeport.

    I suppose Gizmo will be pure dual-mode. Nokia has stated this week that they will actively pursue mobile phone relationships with the YMAGS/Gizmo ISP’s for use in dual-mode phones.

  2. I’ve got to say that what Rick is calling “pure dualmode” is not going to have much of a lifespan. Seamless roaming is just too important and there are so many ways to accomplish it that it will happen sooner rather than later.

  3. Jesse, if the GSM conference was any indication, IMS is going to be huge. However, most studies say it’s a couple years away. I believe the regular dual-mode phone will bridge that gap.

    Check out what Nokia has up their sleeve with a company called Telepo. Google “Nokia Telepo” and you’ll find an FT.com article on how revelotionary their technology is. Says it could replace PBX’s entirely. Nokia’s keeping it under wraps.

  4. Is “Gizmo Project” a good name? I usually don’t think names are very relevant but this one seems to be holding the service/product back.

  5. Gizmo is peer to peer, like every software voip service they are peer to peer when they can be and use relays when it’s not possible to go peer to peer. Damaka is ok…too late to the party with a so-so product if you ask me.

  6. Has anyone taken a look at the latest version of damaka…they have come a long way in the last 6-7 months with many features…the latest one being IPTV , voice Activation, and Desktop sharing…I am loving this application…


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