14 thoughts on “SIPphone brings Voice to Nokia 770”

  1. Small, perhaps – but by no means immaterial! Blue Digits is the company, if I am not mistaken, that created GAIM? That makes them a major player in the IM space, and the alliance with Nokia should (hopefully) help plow $ into the development of GAIM and LibGAIM, which powers IM clients such as Adium on the Mac and others.

    cheers, JH

  2. SIPphone is the company and Gizmo Project is the product.

    Apple is the company, iTunes is the product.
    Microsoft is the company, XP is the product.

    And yes, the voice quality especially for IP calls is stunningly good.

    — MR

  3. Google Talk is based on open standards and is compatible with all instant messaging clients that support Jabber/XMPP.

    Nokia 770 users won’t have to completely depend on Google, though. SIPPhone Inc. intends to bring its Gizmo Project to this device. This VoIP software will let users make and receive calls from public telephone networks.

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