11 thoughts on “Sitting by the Dock of the Bay: Your Data Center”

  1. Salt water chillers are no panacea, believe me. Fouling, back-flushing, brine removal, environmental permitting for near-shore use, effluent and other, etc.

    It’s loads of fun, and may not offset the power and cooling costs they are so keen to recoup. On the other hand, maybe they only need 2-4% of the power savings of a typical solution.

    I think that power should be saved at the point of consumption, and that centralized DC supplies for a set of racks would greatly reduce the hysteresis losses of the switchers in a typical server rack.

  2. I agree that this will be an interesting development to watch. There should be a more formal write up on pros/cons as compared to other datacenter models. I’d like to see something simple.

  3. And I can’t wait to read the risk factors “sharks, whales, dolphins, and submarines may disrupt the operations of our data centers”. . .

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