6 thoughts on “SixApart Launches Affiliates Program”

  1. Someone needs to tell Six Apart that Google Adsense killed affiliate programs. People are much more willing to click on an ad than register and pay for a service.

  2. “The affiliate program is also a sign that the easy growth for blogging might be behind us, and tool makers have to find a new batch of users.”

    Hey Om. As I’m sure that you and your readers are aware, only an infinitessimally small fraction of the world is blogging and we believe that the big growth is ahead of us, not behind. Given the number of companies entering this market (as service/tools providers and as publishers) it’s pretty easy to see that the chart is trending upward, not levelling off or heading to the basement.

    The launch of our affiliate program has been a long time coming and is really focused on giving back to the people who are already recommending our tools and services whether they be part of our large audience of Professional Network developers or “pro” bloggers whose careers we support with our software. Since these are the people who are most often the world’s introduction to blogging we’re happy to share our success because it is they who make us successful.

    Thanks for the mention. And please let us know if you need any help signing up for the program. 🙂

    Jay Allen
    Director, Professional Network
    Professional Products Group
    Six Apart

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