8 thoughts on “Skype-alike service from XTen, Yak”

  1. But cost to India is 16 cents. Why bother using it? Same wine in different bottle. If someone wants to become popular they need to provide attractive pricing for India/China and their service will be instantly a HIT!!!

  2. First questions it asks on the website are ‘which country and language?’.
    The options: US or Canada?!!
    Are they certifiably insane, or do they really want the rest of the world to go s**** themselves?
    I pretended I was in the US and it allowed me to download the software with no further questions, however they have already pissed me off with their US-centric approach. I’ll have a negative leaning instead of a positive one.

  3. I definitely agree with you, Om. If someone wants people to use their service — they really need to set down the pricing for India. As far as I’m aware, SkypeOut is more than 20c and so is the Gizmo Project. I currently use a calling card which is itself 21 cents and have to dial a ton of numbers before the call is made (please enter your code, etc.)

    I don’t think it’s fair, India having such a large economy that the calling price set that high. The US, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan you name it, all large economy has a price of 2 cents or less. Then why the hell not India? I’m pretty pretty sure there are at least 500,000 – 1,000,000 calls which go to India from overseas every day, at least. Someone needs to listen…please Skype, please.

  4. India is one of those places where it is cheaper to backhaul LD analog, it has to do with available infrrastructure etc. It has nothing to do with your service providers, “quality termination” to some parts of the world is expensive.

    16 cents is actually pretty good.

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