5 thoughts on “Skype All Hype?”

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  2. In your typical SIP network, the SIP – call signaling – often travels client-server. The client sends its signaling to (or receives its signaling from) a network application server of some sort.

    But the RTP – the voice – often travels peer-peer. Only the worst NAT scenarios change that — no different than the supernode bouncing that takes place in the Skype world.

    When traveling peer-peer between two clients that are capable of dealing with “full broadband voice” SIP clients can sound like Skype clients. Compressed voice comes into play in bandwidth challenged scenarios. The other loss of fidelity comes in the handoff to the PSTN at the TDM media gateways. Of course, this should come as no surprise to the Skype user who buys Skype-Out time and finds out what a PSTN handoff sounds like.

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