25 thoughts on “Skype Cuts Prices on SkypeOut Service”

    1. I work in technology business and have been using skype daily for my business for 4 years already. Yes, there have been few (maybe 10-15 times in total) glitches but same time I have saved lots and lots of money from their low prices. I certainly would suggest to use this good offer.

      1. Peter,

        Everyone at my company has Skype loaded on their system. It is a great tool for speaking with peers around the world Skype-to-Skype. And you simply cannot beat the price. However, the call quality of SkypeOut is too iffy for me to use Skype to call customer phone numbers. Not that this is necessarily a Skype issue. It could be a function of reduced bandwidth as I am in a VPN, the fact that I am using a wireless internet connection, etc. But I was curious how other people found the service as I just downloaded the latest client and it claimed better call quality.

  1. The Skype Out works as advertised but I noticed many of the numbers they give out are used over and over again. I was getting a lot of calls for other companies. You still have to sort through them. Google Voice will give them a run for their money, even if eBay tries to do an equity carve-out IPO or sell them.

  2. good ploy to make ppl switch (especially on a economic conditions like this). however, i don’t think playing purely on a price is not going to make it very sustainable in the end. i agree with paul that google voice very soon could probably give them run for their money.

    1. It’s very true their customer response time is inadequate for business use. I used Skype Out and bought a Skype In number when I first started my freelance web development business. A glitch in their system dropped my Skype In number and it took customer service two days just to return my first support email.

      By that time, I had already signed up a more reliable VOIP solution.

      I definitely would not roll Skype as a VOIP solution in any office.

  3. I have been using Skype for business since 2004, mainly in marginal situations eg calls in eastern europe, for savings on conference calls, etc. and has provided the advantages in these circumstances. However, as a replacement for the std telephone service, it is not reliable and well-supported enough.


    PS: If the moderator permits, here is the address for the users-support-users e-mail list: http://www.VoIP-Download.com/SkypeHelp-News.htm

  4. @jhp2 I have also experienced problems with running Skype on a laptop with a wifi or wireless broadband internet connection. Does not seem to handle the latency too well. Once you connect by ethernet cable and shut down wifi, all is much better!

  5. I’ve use Skype for a while now and have been reasonably happy with its service. At the end of last year I signed up for one of its unlimited subscription services, which included a phone number (in my case a UK one). I’ve just gone to renew the subscription – only to find that the phone number is now outside the subscription package and will cost me €12 for three months.
    So Skype seems to be “cutting prices” in some areas and ramping them up big time in others.
    I didn’t take up the offer – and have cancelled my subscription.

  6. If I have an international # and forward it to a USA cell phone, will they charge me for the USA rate or the international rate?

  7. skype pretended my credit card had expired then proceeded to charge me 50% more to subscribe than last year and then charged me another 100% to retain my number (which i did not realise i had not retained in the first place). It is all becoming a rip off and theres no customer services to contact GRRR…they can stuff it next time

  8. The price used to be $9.99. You still get 25% discount for one year purchase. I only see 30% increase.. not 25%. What kinda price cut is this?!

  9. I dont see how Google voice can compete with SKype.
    GV have Video with it? No. If so where is it.. I couldnt find it.. hmm GV information webpage is not user friendly .. not able to understand & navigate well thru GV.
    Does GV have abiltiy to use a mobile phone or cordless phone with a differant skype number? No you have to do all kinds of combining.
    You can use a phone with Skype and it will be coming soon .. a wireless cell type phone.. coming soon to the USA.
    There are skype mobile phones out there. Im trying to find a contact place to skype to tell them to hurry and make mobile skype available here in South Florida USA.
    Thanks Skype
    lets see what GV can do before I jump on the ” bandwagon” lol

  10. Skype managed to cancel my unlimited Europe subscription without further notice. It was a “technical error”. Of course they cant fix it and I have to buy a new more expensive subscription and the online number is to be payed separately now. The online number was completely unreliable over the years and got suddenly deactivated without even being aware of it.

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