19 thoughts on “Skype cuts senior executives. Why?”

  1. Interesting. David Gurle is ex-Microsoft VoIP so I would have thought he would be a natural person to help with the integration… unless he has enemies within still.

    Tony Bates is not known as a likable leader. Not surprised to see that he’s repelling talent when it’s in short supply and people have choices.

  2. Never underestimate the ability of a big company to acquire a great upstart and start messing with them. Microsoft takes the cake in this respect. Feel sorry for Ramu.

    1. From what I’ve read so far, it’s not Microsoft, it’s the current investment group weeding these people out so the investment group gets more money – greed to the core.

  3. My first opinion when I heard that Microsoft intended there goes the creativity. I believe that in future development efforts regarding Skype to run on any other platform than Microsofts such as Andriod, Apples O/S, and Linux those areas will be severely curtailed if not eliminated. As far as Skype cutting senior executives I say why not most of them will be eventually eliminated by Microsoft anyway. As a major stakeholder in the company I would eliminate all unnecessary costs to maximize profits. If one noticed they were also giving a great deal (low yearly price) to those who use Skype having phone numbers. Like any major business maximize your profits in the short term.

  4. Not surprised. Skype is terrible software and if Microsoft wants to make a run of it, they need new people.

  5. Makes sense to me. Its not like the top-level execs actually know any details about the technology. Skype needs new leadership, why not save all the excess payroll too. Most senior execs are just a dime-a-dozen commodity anyway.

  6. thanks for the article, it reminds me that i have to disable my skype account now.
    (my MS hotmail having been hacked, and absolutely no MS support exists for that, it would be terrible if my skype account were hacked too.)

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